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Bus Shelters

The Metshelter has been designed to better meet the needs of local authorities seeking high quality park and bus shelters. Every detail has been designed to make construction easier, aesthetics cleaner and the cost of ownership lower.



Metshelter is a modular system that allows us to create shelters of any length - we can work with you to determine the length you require or you can choose from our standard sizes of 2.4, 3.6 or 4.8 meters.







Metshelter offers toughened glass or poly carbonate panels for greater patron visibility.

Perforated panels allow patron visibility but greatly reduce the instance of vandalism.
The panels are made from aluminum that will not rust like steel.

Solid aluminium panels are an option for high wind areas to enhance user protection.

Metshelter offers a digital panel printing service. New or existing artwork (ie. murals) can be digitally printed to your shelter panels. These panels are an easy and affordable way to preserve heritage artwork, display local talent and encourage community involvement.

Do you have an idea that will make your shelters really unique? Perhaps it is laser cut plywood patterns, a local artist's carvings or place name typography? The design team at Metshelter can help you enhance your district identity.



Metshelter provides seating constructed from sustainable New Zealand grown timbers. Metshelter does not support deforestation of any rain forest or timber from unsustainable sources.Bench seats can be made in any length. Blind fasteners give a clean look and a special coating makes graffiti removal easy.





A range of roofing options allow our shelters to easily integrate with existing bus shelters.



All the metal components have a powder coated finish that can be applied in any colour to match your existing colour schemes.

An anti-vandal coating is also available, making removal of graffiti a breeze.



Metshelter offers LED lighting. The lighting is recessed to improve vandal resistance. Both mains power and fully self-contained solar powered options are available.





Our shelters are designed to accommodate sloping sites with extendable legs and rotating feet. Our draft skirting can be adjusted to follow the contour of a sloping pad.





Metshelter has an ever growing list of accessories to enhance the
shelters. If you have a specific requirement that we have not included, please contact us for further discussion.

Rubbish bins connect to the shelter frame - no extra concrete work is needed. This makes retro-fits easy and reduces the cost of installation.

With commuter cycling on the increase our bike rack option helps meet the demand for storage facilities. The rack is frame mounted and is
compatible with all types of locks - including D-Locks.

For areas that require maximum patron protection, draft skirts can be added to the bottom of the frame. These molded barriers provide extra wind protection. Made from 100% recycled car tires, unlike sheet metal, the draft skirts will not dent or warp.



Our system allows rapid assembly. Components are easily interchanged on site, reducing both down-time and costs.

The connector system is extremely strong, rivals the strength of welded parts and flat packed delivery reduces both shipping costs and carbon footprint.





Advertising panels are a great way to reduce the cost of ownership. Whether opting for a sponsorship arrangement (that dramatically reduces the purchase price) or creating a revenue stream by renting the advertising space, there are many flexible options available to you. We have some very exciting developments on the technological side and would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.



Metshelter is aware of the issue of vandalism to public assets. Sturdy construction, good design principles and quality materials help to protect the shelters against vandal attacks.

The effects of graffiti and tagging can be managed by opting for an anti-graffiti powder coating. This coating makes graffiti easy to remove. Metshelter is committed to developing new ways of addressing these issues and continues to assess new anti-vandal technologies...


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